* Documentary and operational analysis, in order to optimize and avoid possible infractions in the documents sent by the exporter;
* Structuring and coordination of operations;
* Issuance of import licensing and follow-up with the organs;
* Hiring of foreign exchange, monitoring and settlement;
* Advice on tax classification;
* Customs clearance;
* Storage;
* Movement in primary and secondary area;
* Contracting and advising on international freight rates;
* Management of outsourced services;
* Logistic follow-up of the whole process "door to door";
* Follow up of processes in progress through "customer service";
* Importation feasibility studies;
* Operational and tax advice;
* Study and planning of regimes and special customs operations (Temporary admission, customs warehouse, Repetro, among others);
* Know how in import and related processes;
* Logistics at all stages of the process.


* Structuring coordination of operations;
* Contracting and advising on international freight rates;
* Export feasibility studies;
* Logistic follow-up of the entire door-to-door process.

Consulting and Advisory

* Consultancy and personalized advice in the areas of foreign trade, logistics, tax and tax.

Warehousing and Logistics

* Mercatto is structured to carry out the requested services in relation to the conference of the goods received in our logistic deposit, separation, assembly of orders, re packaging, labeling, storage, preservation of products and later distribution.